Hire Window Cleaner for Your Office: Average Costs in 2020

Hire Window Cleaner

Professional window cleaning can be an excellent service, especially if you aren’t able to reach certain windows or skylights. When you hire window cleaner who know how to clean commercial windows, you can look forward to maximum efficiency. The pros have the appropriate tools to efficiently clean your windows and screens without you having to deal with ladders and cleaning supplies.

The cost of window cleaning in Florida is similar to the rest of the United States. That means, the price can vary depending on several factors. And one of the most crucial variables is location. As with products on services, costs for cleaning windows in a commercial space are more expensive in cities than in towns.

Let’s take a quick look at a breakup of these costs according to different factors.

  • Costs Per Pane: Any professional who knows how to clean commercial glass windows will be able to calltol you the sub-categories here that affect the average cost of window cleaning per pane. The size of the panes, their number and whether or not both of their sides need cleaning can affect the total amount. To give you an idea, this could vary from $2 per pane to $8 per pane.
  • Costs Per Window: This depends on the number of windows, the type of windows as well as the condition of windows that you want the professionals to clean. It can range from $5 per window to as high as $14.50 per window. It is all about the amount of labor involved in the cleaning process.
  • Costs Per Square Foot: If you hire window cleaners who calculate the cost to clean commercial windows based on the area, you can expect the amount to be $105 per 1000 sq. ft., $210 per 10,000 sq. ft. and $420 per 20,000 sq. ft. Of course, these prices can vary among different companies.
  • Costs Per Hour: The cost to clean commercial windows can also be calculated on an hourly basis. These rates could be around $50 to $100 per hour per worker assigned to the job.

Cleaning high-rise commercial windows is anything but simple. The pricing structures can also be tricky as there are a lot of different factors involved. There are insurance rates to be considered, costs of power-assisted scaffolding and specialized tools as well. Additional factors that can increase the average cost for commercial window cleaning are listed below.

  • Cleaning exterior light fixtures
  • Screen cleaning
  • Cleaning exterior window wells
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Removing storm windows
  • Washing window frames

In case the windows are filthy and super hard to access, it can affect the cost too. Sometimes, high rise window cleaning also requires scraping tools to get rid of old paint and debris. And that too can be a significant factor in the window cleaning cost.

It is also important to note that the average cost for commercial window cleaning is generally more expensive when compared with the costs of residential window cleaning. So, to ensure you get the most preferable quote, you should discuss all important details when you hire a window cleaner.