When is the Best Time to Clean Windows?

Best Time to Clean Windows

Windows open our world to light and warmth. On the one hand, they allow us to embrace the fresh air, and on the other, they save us from the harsh weather. Therefore, it’s essential to keep them sparkling. There is no best time to clean windows. What is important is to have them cleaned regularly.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

Regular cleaning of the windows enhances the overall look of your house or office. Furthermore, it will also save your windows from long-term damage. But the frequency of the cleaning depends on the location and weather. If your home is in a city that sees frequent rainfall, which would leave watermarks, or is situated near a construction site that would put a lot of dust in the air, then anytime is the best time to clean windows outside. Moreover, suppose you are thinking of getting a property evaluation done or considering listing your property for sale. In that case, it may be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a commercial window washing company.

If you are looking to get high rise window cleaning, you should get it done professionally at least twice a year. You must hire experts for cleaning windows of high rise buildings because it involves risks and can injure you severely.

Best time of year to clean windows

Sparkling windows look nice from the outside, and they also brighten up space inside. Some people think the best time to clean windows outside is during the spring or summer, while others may consider fall to be the best time of year to clean windows. But there is no right answer. Just as the frequency of cleaning, the best time of cleaning also depends on location and weather. But each weather has its pros and cons.


After a gloomy winter season, spring brings along a new lease of life. Many consider cleaning in this season as the best. Hence they indulge in ‘spring-cleaning’ the whole house. And while you are cleaning the house, leaving out the window cleaning would make the entire effort incomplete. Moreover, the pollen, dust, and other allergens get accumulated on the windows, making them dirty. So, it could be the best time of year to clean windows.


Summer can be a great time to have your windows cleaned professionally. In most locations, it will be pleasant and the best time to allow the windows to dry after a good washing. But in Florida, it rains during the summer. You may wonder, what’s the harm. After all, it’s water which will eventually clean the windows. But that’s a misconception. You undoubtedly need water to wash the windows, but rainwater in this season is dirty due to the wind. Raindrops on the windows leave unsightly watermarks. And they can damage the windows if not frequently cleaned.


You may also consider window washing during the autumn. The weather is good and will allow your windows to dry. Plus, the holiday season would soon kick in. Leaving the windows dirty while cleaning and decorating the whole house for the celebration is not a great idea.


Winters are usually gloomy, and you will spend more time in the house. Clean windows will allow whatever little sunlight that you will get during this season to enter your home. Moreover, winter rain is usually clean with little wind. So it may not damage your windows as much as the usual summer rains. So, surprisingly, winter might also be the best time to clean windows.

So, if you have decided when is the best time to clean windows, look for a reliable commercial window washing service. Before you hire, check out the reviews and compare the prices with other such service providers to get the best deal.