how often should you clean windows

A window at your home or office is an opening to the outside world. It brings in light, gives you a good view, and changes the entire look of the place. Windows also keep the room warm or cold, depending on the outside weather. Being such a crucial part of any building, keeping them clean is essential to make a good impression on guests or clients. But How often should you clean windows to keep it spotless?

If you visit a friend and find the windows dirty, what impression would you have? If the windows of the restaurant you want to eat in are unclean, what would it say about the cleanliness of the place? Wouldn’t you want the clinic you visit to be spotless? Similarly, if your home or office windows are not clean, how would others feel about you? Surely, you don’t want to leave that mark on others. Hence, it is essential to get a commercial window washing company to get your windows cleaned regularly. However, some factors will help you decide how often you should clean the windows. Here are a few.

  1. Location: The location of your building is one of the major deciding factors. If it is situated near the highway or a crowded street, more dust will accumulate on the windows, requiring frequent cleaning.

  2. Climate: The weather in your area would also determine the frequency of your window cleaning schedule. If it rains or snows in your locality, small droplets will stain your windows, giving them a very dirty look, hence, requiring a clean-up.

  3. Landscape: If the structure is near a beach or in a high-pollen area, your windows will tend to get spotty often, making it all the more important to clean outside windows of apartment building.

While cleaning the windows from inside may not be very difficult, washing them from outside can be tricky and dangerous, especially if it is a high rise building. So, instead of wondering how to clean high rise building windows, you could hire a window washing service and leave the task to professionals.

Depending on the factors mentioned above, you may clean your house windows quarterly, but every business determines its cleaning requirement.

  1. Hospitals: You need medical facilities to be spic and span. Spotty windows would leave a spot on their reputation too. Therefore, these structures require cleaning at least once every month. A clean place would give patients more confidence.

  2. Restaurants: A place where people come to relish a meal must be clean enough to make them feel that their food is in safe hands. Apart from the food, the surrounding also has to look appetizing for people to be attracted. Windows with fingerprint marks, dust, or grease will push the customers away. Hence, a restaurant would require washing at least twice a month to maintain their appearance.

  3. Office buildings: These buildings don’t require cleaning as often as others, but nobody likes to look at dirty windows. Cleaning the windows is more about a good image. High rise window cleaning is a professional job, and getting the windows washed once every 2-3 months would suffice, of course, depending on where they are situated and the weather in the area.

  4. Retail shops: Stores are visited by many people, and foot traffic brings in a lot of dust. They wouldn’t want customers to look at the dirty windows rather than at their products. The attractiveness of the store would increase business. Hence, they should consider windows to be cleaned every two weeks.

Windows are not just meant to give you a good outside view, but they also give outsiders an impression of you. And, you certainly want to have that spotless impression! Cleaning outside windows of apartment building could be an easy way to reflect a good image.